Friday 13 October 2017

First Orpington Blitz won by Aaravamudhan Balaji

The First (and impromptu) Orpington Blitz was won by Aaravamudhan Balaji, who pipped Jacob Watson by half-a-point after defeating him in the final round. It took place on Friday 13th (Is there bad luck in chess?) October at St John's Church, Lynwood Grove.

The tournament, paired with a scrap piece of paper and an old biro, was admittedly chaotic at times as cries of "Who am I playing?" and "What colour am I?" repeatedly rang out. Our new clocks sustained a battering, but they held their own. The time control was an exciting 5 + 2s.

Pictures to follow.

Congratulations to Aaravamudhan Balaji and Jacob Watson. Congratulations must also go to Aryan Sanka (A student of mine), who scored a solid 3/6 against strong opposition. We will be following his progress closely.

Thanks to everyone who took part.

We hope that our November tournament will be 5 rounds and 10 minutes each on the clock. There will be prizes. Over Christmas I anticipate at least one mega-blitz tournament and an afternoon rated rapid-play. Stay tuned!

Full standings below:

5/6              Aaravamudhan Balaji
4.5/6           Jacob Watson
3/6              Mikey Watson
                   Conrad Allison
                   Balaji xxx
                   Aryan Sanka
2/6              Shaun Pasari
                   Rohan Pasari
1.5/6           Yifan Luo
                   Reuben Moisey
                   Aneesh Batura                      
1/6              Joshua Moisey


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