Friday 13 October 2017

Academic and Chess Classes in October half-term

In addition to the October Tournament I shall be running the following academic and chess classes . They will take place in Orpington or possibly Bromley.

Sunday 29th October 

Chess: (all levels)
Maths: GCSE, A-level and 11+
English: GCSE, A-level and 11+
Science: GCSE and interactive sessions for younger children
UCAS, Oxbridge and careers advice

Only classes for which there is sufficient demand will take place.

After these classes, we can all be this suave and confident

Academic classes will be grouped by ability and no larger than eight children.

Chess groups will be no larger than eight children and will be split by ability according to which Institute of Chess Level they are working towards. Children who are not working towards these levels will still benefit from the teaching.

Chess lessons will be interactive, based on past games and endings. They will be the opportunity to play out certain positions for practice (such as Queen and King V King at the lowest level and complex rook endings for more advanced students).

However, only a short 15 minute break will be given for playing chess to ensure that children get the most from the session. If there is demand, I will run mini-competition in the afternoon to satisfy the need for chess.

There is no minimum or maximum strength for the chess classes. If very strong players enter, I shall arrange for stronger coaches to teach.

Please register your child for these chess classes here and academic classes here.

Don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions. I can be reached on and am happy to discuss your situation over the phone.

Conrad Chess Camp is recruiting! Get in touch if your a chess trainer or tutor, even if it is something you are trying for the first time. Administrative, strategic and marketing work is also available.

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