Thursday 19 October 2017

Oxbridge Prep - Tuesday 24th and Sunday 29th - Orpington

Oxbridge Prep - Orpington
Economics, PPE, English, History, Classics/modern languages, general interview and exam support

-Exam prep
-Interview prep
-General Advice

Delivered by recent Oxbridge graduates with knowledge of system, advised by current students (who just sat the exams we are preparing you for).

Tuesday 24th October
Sunday 29th October

Tutoring Lead, Economics and PPE
Conrad Allison – Economics BA, St Catharine’s, Cambridge, 2013
History and English Tutor
Ciaran Chillingworth – History BA, St Catharine’s, Cambridge, 2011
Classics Tutor, Oxford lead 
Alex Hardwick – BA Classics (Starred 1st), Queens’, Cambridge, 2013, MSt Classical Languages and Literature, Magdalen College, Oxford (distinction), 2016, Dphil Classical Languages and Literature, Magdalen College, Oxford (first year)
Consulting supervisor 

Jingwen Dai – BA Land Economy (Starred 1st), first-year supervisor

Supported by:
William Jones – Maths BSc, Warwick 2012
Ellie Shaw – English BA, Roehampton, English MA, UCL

Alongside A-Level support.
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